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Online Yoga Classes

Currently offering private Zoom classes tailored to individual needs. Props highly recommended. Hope to expand this offering to include public online classes soon. Contact me at +1(831) 239-8698 or at  for more information.

Private In-Person Sessions and Groups

Book private group or individual yoga classes, massage/bodywork, and structural integration sessions. Contact me at +1(831) 239-8698 or at  for more information.


Stay tuned for upcoming retreats!

Are you an International Retreat Center looking for a holistic practitioner to help host retreats? Contact me at or at +1(831) 239-8698 and share more about what you are looking for.  I love working internationally!

Mental Telehealth Sessions

Who I Help

Individuals, couples, teens, and families who are looking for help navigating past traumas, anxiety, OCD, or living as a neurodivergent person or parent.

Couples looking for ways to improve communication.

Parents who are worried about how your teenager is coping with the challenges of school and/or personal life.

How I Help

I am is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who can help you navigate life's challenges and gives you tools to help you feel better. I combine knowledge about how the mind and body work together to lower stress, increase focus, and reduce emotional outbursts. I use proven methods that help with how you think and also ones that notice how stress affects your body. I understand that some memories, which we don't think about on purpose, can make us react in ways that are hard to control. I draw on various different evidenced-based approaches centered on your individual needs. 

Specifically, I helps people like you navigate trauma, anxiety disorders, OCD, and neurodivergence and have experience working with individuals, couples, adolescents, and families. I enjoy helping couples with communication and diversity issues and I am skilled at communicating with teenagers. In working with families, I will seek to understand the impact of traumas endured in previous generations to assist you in moving away from blame. 

Ready to learn more?

If you are seeking a compassionate, patient, and skilled professional to help you where you are at then contact Counseling is Key at (760) 695-6006 or book online at Mental telehealth available only to California residents at this time.


Not in California ?

Please consider trauma-informed private Zoom yoga classes where we can focus on resiliency skills, psychoeducation, self-care management of pain and injuries, and working through difficult complex emotions on the mat. Contact me at for more information.

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