Please note due to COVID-19 and the fact that this business operates in the healthcare industry, masks are still required in indoor settings. 

Online Zoom Yoga Classes

Currently offering private zoom classes tailored to individual needs. Props highly recommended.

Private Sessions

Book private yoga, massage, or structural integration sessions in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos. See below rates, locations, and information about when you can find me in each city. Different rates and availability apply to house calls and other locations.  
Santa Cruz
920 41St. Ave., Suite G, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
$110/hour, $165/hour and a half, Structural Integration Series Sessions $130/hour
Sundays through Thursdays by appointment only. or (831) 239-8698.

Los Gatos
14107 Winchester Boulevard, Suite K, Los Gatos, CA 95032
$120/hour, $180/hour and a half, Structural Integration Series Sessions $150/hour
Sundays and Tuesdays by appointment only. or (831) 239-8698.

Dominican Hospital

On hold due to COVID-19​.

Dominican Oaks

On hold due to COVID-19.

Corporate and Special Events

Consider yoga, chair massage, or table massage for your employee benefit programs. Great for health fairs, special events, and ongoing care for your employees. Benefits include reduced absenteeism, increased moral, onsite care for aches and pains and injuries, an attractive employee perk, and potential tax write-offs. Rates depend on location, number of hours, frequency and number of participants involved.

Weddings, mother’s day, harvest parties and other special occasions are other events that might benefit by the use of my services. Contact me at or at (831) 239-8698 to obtain a quote. I also offer gift certificates.